Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Request

As many of my readers already know Gottoo, my little Basenji pictured above, died last winter.  Clover, also pictured above, has at least stopped searching for her buddy, but she has become very needy and insecure.  She will be sixteen come January.

I’ve been trying all summer to find a new companion for Clover, but have had no luck.  Almost all the dogs we’ve had on Locust Hill were rescue dogs, and I assumed I would have no trouble find a suitable dog at a shelter.   I’m looking for a female dog about the size of Clover, hopefully one  2 or 3 years old as I no longer want to cope with the training and trouble I’d have with a puppy. 

Every day there are new pet ads on Craig’s list for suitable dogs, but most are from shelters.  In fact many are from Kill Shelters, begging readers to give them a home, but even those places would rather put a dog down than give it to someone who doesn’t have a fenced area.

Over the years of writing my garden columns I’ve succeeded in getting a burro, a ram and two ewes,after telling my readers my troubles at acquiring them.  So here I am again, hoping one of you might know of a young female dog who needs a home and would enjoy living on a 250 acre farm with two elderly ladies,  Clover and Hatsy

I’ll get back to writing about gardens soon. 


  1. Hello, my niece Consuelo informed me of your recent loss of your dog friend. I work with dog rescues here in Cincinnati, OH. Though I do not know of any orgs out there personally, I did a Petfinder search for dogs in the Hartford CT area, and limited it to medium adult dogs. This link will take you to one of the dogs, and if you scroll to bottom of page, will see some of the other dogs we came across and thought you might look at. Some rescues will work with you even if you do not have a "fenced yard".
    This link should take you to where I was seaching for you.
    We were looking at the following doggies: Leisha, Zelda, Amelia, Katie a St. Bernard mix, Baxter (A laid back relaxed doggie), and Dora, a beagle pug mix.
    Good luck in your search for a companion to your other friend. Let me know if I can help you.

  2. A friend just posted a request on Facebook seeking a home for a 3 yr old golden retriever that her friend can no longer care for. Let me know if you might be interested and I can give you her contact info.