Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Short Column Today

Oh, dear, what shall I write about this week?  Now that Mother Nature has finally given us some beautiful weather, I’ve been too busy in the gardens to worry about Weeds and Wisdom.  

 Such a late start for planting vegetables, cleaning the debris in the perennial border, mowing the lawn every other minute,  weeding, weeding, and periodically  stopping my frantic efforts  to gasp and admire the spectacular beauty  Mother Nature has given us this year.

After the horrific winter and the non-existent spring, absolutely everything is magnificent.  The beauty and size of the flowers and shrubs is truly amazing. My tree peonies were bursting with blooms, my iris so tall and its blooms so heavy that every one needed staking,  Even my white lilac which lives in total shade on the north side of the house had a blizzard of bloom. 

My hayfields are so lush their blooming grasses are blocking my view of the valley.  My sheep, who had a terrible winter, can’t believe  their lush pasture.  My new beagle, Coco, can’t believe the bounty of rabbits she has to chase. Unfortunately my camera is the only item not performing, so I’ve no photos to show you. 

My one great sadness is that  poor old Clover, after sixteen happy years on Locust Hill,  died last week , Coco and I are mourning her passing, but she died so peacefully under her favorite beauty bush  that I felt happy for her.

I’m afraid  there’s still so much still to do outside  I hope you’ll forgive me for this very short column.   Here’s a nice old picture  in memory of Clover,  one of the nicest dogs I’ve ever had. 

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