Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Weekend Treat

                                                                The Norfolk Library

In just three days the Norfolk Library will hold its Book Sale Weekend. I have been so busy sorting the donated books I haven’t had time to even think about writing a column, so instead I’d like to tell you about this grand event.

It will begin on Friday the 26th at 6pm with “The Hidden Treasure Evening” Admission Fee - $25.00.  The  Litchfield County Auctions will be appraising your treasures at no charge, so bring that crazy lamp that’s been in your attic gathering dust or that beautiful clock your grandmother gave you or whatever treasure you’d like appraised so you can find out what it’s worth.

There will be a Wine Bar featuring a special drink of the evening, plus extensive hors-d’oeuvres and finger food. All the Books of Special Value, usually sold at the book sale, will be on display to be previewed and purchased. There will also be tables displaying about thirty different items ready to be bid on at a silent auction – jewelry, wine, dining certificates, movie tickets, pottery, even massages.

       So please join us -  eat, drink and be merry on a beautiful summer evening.

I absolutely love my job sorting books into the various categories in preparation for the book sale.  Sorting goes fast when I can pick up a book and see the word “Novel” or “Memoir” right on the cover, or read a title like “Earth Science”  so I know right away what category to put it in, but this year there were constant puzzles to solve. I couldn’t have done it all with daughter Bridget, my assistant, pictured below. 

Very few of this year’s donated books were easy to pin down.  Which category would you pick for a title like “The Bottom Line Year Book of 2001” or “The Nothing Book – Want to Make Something of it?”  How about this title – “Tractatus Logico – Philosphicus”? 

Besides puzzling over categories I have to admit I got waylaid whenever I picked up an unfamiliar garden book.  The Garden category has 8 large boxes this year.  It not only has books on flowers and vegetables, trees and shrub and vines.  It also includes books on the Environment, Land matters and Farming,

As always the Children’s category has boxes and boxes of beautiful books, many of them selling for as little as $.50.  There’s a large selection of Health and Medicine, and an even larger one of Social Science, which contains books on Philosophy, parenting, marriage, etc.  
As usual, the Fiction category is the biggest, with 210 boxes.  History, including politics and war is the next biggest with 56 boxes.  Art, music, theatre and film, has some really beautiful books. 

Then there’s Literature, Biography, Travel, Sports, Science and a big category of Videos, CDs, Cassettes, etc.  and two new categories, Religion, which includes witchcraft and myths as well as God,  and Education, which is loaded with books on writing, teaching, schools, etc. 

Book prices will range from $.50 cents for paperbacks to handsome “Cocktail books” for $5.00.  So hop in your car and drive through the countryside to this delightful small town in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut and feast on all this good reading. 

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  1. Hope it's a grand success, Hatsy. We'll be thinking of you and the legion of volunteers that make it all happen. Have fun!